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Soul Plan Workshop - (1.5hrs) - £15

In this workshop you will gain valuable knowledge on the key principles of Soul Plan with an in-depth look at 'some' of the 22 creative energies.   The energies we focus on during this session will be chosen by the energies derived from your given names at birth.  The group will inevitably share specific energies as groups of people who come together at any given time, do so not out of pure coincidence!    We will then discuss the meanings of these energies and identify how they may impact your life in the star of creation which identifies both worldly & spiritual, challenges, talents and goals, culminating in the identification of your soul destiny. 

During this workshop you will achieve a sense of self and be able to identify with some of the causes and effects in your physical life.  This workshop is fun and uplifting and you will be given a short yet insightful soul plan to take away with you.  For those of you who are drawn to a full reading the cost of this workshop will be deducted from the cost of the full soul plan reading.  

Spaces are limited so do follow me on social media to secure your place.  Alternatively, why not organise a get together with friends and I will run this workshop from the comfort of your home - As the organiser you won't have to pay for your experience (Max party number 8) call me today to discuss your interest and organise a get together which is sure to create fond memories.

Holistic Workshops

Working with crystals - beginners - (5hrs) - £65

Crystals are powerful healing tools which can be used to boost your natural spiritual healing powers and create more balance in your inner and outer world. In this workshop you will learn about; 

History of crystals, chakras, aura, crystals for the chakras, crystals for everyday healing, crystal grids, charging crystals, programming, crystals, crystal pendulums, crystal jewellery, caring for your crystals, choosing crystals and more. 

Spaces are limited so do follow me on social media to secure your place or alternatively give me a call on 07931 428 128 to enquire. 

Working with Angel Oracle Cards Workshop - (5hrs) - £75

In this workshop you will gain valuable Insight into the healing power of the Archangels, guardian angels and spirit guides.  You will also get your very own deck of angel oracle cards and learn all about; Choosing your deck, clearing, protection, selecting cards, jumping cards, upside down cards, cards spreads (single card, past present future spread, box spread, traditional spread, spirit guide spread, romany spread), how to interpret messages and more. 

In addition you will be taken through a guided meditation to invite the love and support of the angelic realm into your lives. Included in this workshop is a 10% discount voucher for Angelic Reiki. 

Spaces are limited and I will need a £10 deposit to secure your place.  For up to date information on the dates for this workshop make sure you follow me on social media or to inquire now, give me a call on 07931 428 128. 

Sound Bath - £10 per session (1hr)

Crystal sound baths are like nothing you have ever tried before!  A sound bath harnesses the beautiful sounds of crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes to lead you into a sense of peace and tranquility.

Sound baths involve lying down in a dim lit room (matts, cushions and blankets provided) before being guided into a state of relaxation through meditation.  You will then be immersed in the sound of crystal bowls which start off almost like a gentle whisper, increasing in frequency and tone as the session develops. 

The sounds of these beautiful bowls cleanse your body of negative and stressful thoughts, feelings and emotions leaving you feeling, renewed, relaxed and empowered. 

Sound baths can help with; stress, anxiety and depression, physical illness and disease, blood pressure, balancing the hemisphere of both sides of the brain, cleansing and purifying of any negative energies stored in the etheral body, connecting with your higher self, improved sleep, clarity and mental focus, blockages and toxins, circulation, immune system and self regeneration.


My sound baths can be booked at various locations across Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester.  To find out venues and dates head over to my facebook page or call me on 07931 428 128.  

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