Private Sound Bath

Private sound baths are like nothing you have ever tried before!  A sound bath harnesses the beautiful sounds of tibetan bowls, gongs and crystal bowls of all shapes and sizes to lead you into a sense of peace and tranquility.


Private sound baths involve lying down on a bean bag bed (Very comfortable) surrounded by lit candles before being guided into a state of relaxation through meditation.  You will then be immersed in the sound of gongs, tibetan bowls and crystal bowls which start off almost like a gentle whisper, increasing in frequency and tone as the session develops. 

The sounds of these beautiful instruments cleanse your body of negative and stressful thoughts, feelings and emotions leaving you feeling, renewed, relaxed and empowered. 

Sound baths can help with; stress, anxiety and depression, physical illness and disease, blood pressure, balancing the hemisphere of both sides of the brain, cleansing and purifying of any negative energies stored in the ethereal body, connecting with your higher self, improved sleep, clarity and mental focus, blockages and toxins, circulation, immune system and self regeneration.

A private sound bath lasts for 1hr and costs £35.  Please note this therapy is not suitable for pregnant ladies or any person fitted with any kind of pacemaker.   To book an appointment please call 07931 428 128 or book online using the link below. 

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