Inner-Wisdom Holistic Training Academy was born from my own journey to self.  I have spent many years healing my own wounds and reintegrating parts of myself which lay dormant for the majority of this current life.  My own healing experience with holistic therapies was so profound that I began training in various aspects of holistic therapies back in 2017.  I have since died from a brain hemorrhage and survived two lots of brain surgery in just 12 months.  My experiences during my NDE guided me to share my knowledge and wisdom with other souls which ultimately led to the birth of Inner-Wisdom Holistic Training Academy. 


My passion and my life purpose is to realign others with their highest selves to help raise the vibration here on earth and to empower other souls to step beyond the vale of human conditioning to become all they can and move forward to achieve their own hopes and dreams.  Inner-Wisdom Holistic Training Academy is an extension of my very essence and a place where other souls can learn and grow together.  I offer a wide range of fully accredited holistic training courses and workshops for all abilities.  My courses are delivered in a calm, relaxing and friendly setting where you can meet like-minded souls and share and learn from one another's experiences.   

For further information on me please click on the 'ABOUT' link.  For further information on all my training courses please click on the 'TRAINING' link and for those souls who just want to relax with a holistic therapy session please click on the 'THERAPIES' link.  To contact me direct please call Jo on 07931 428 128 or email me at  

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